Sample Reports

 I use the HomeGauge Service to deliver my reports to my clients and their agents over the Internet and they can be viewed very easily. Please click on the links below for various sample reports from actual local inspections. Your Report is password protected and is only viewable to You or those You give permission for viewing.

Click for Sample report LThis Inspection also included  a “RADON AIR TEST” See ATTACHMENTs At End of Report.

Example with the newest Software version I am now using. Includes Video and the ability to zoom in on photos.









Inspection report of a newer, Southwestern Style home in our area.

small_home_unfinished_basement.jpgThis home inspection report reflects a typical 5-6  year old home in this area. It is in generally good condition, with no major (structural) problems found but there are a few issues discovered that should be addressed.









A Sample with several problems uncovered by inspection