Termite damage in your home can cost thousands of dollars to repair so it’s best to keep them from entering in the first place. In order to survive, termites need a food source (wood) and water. Eliminating their access to these things will help prevent termites in your home.

1. Don’t Store Wood Near Your Home

Storing wood near your home will only attract termites. You should store wood for fireplaces or firepits off of the ground and at least 10 feet away from your home.

2. Trim Landscaping to Prevent Termites in Your Home

Termites and other pests often enter your home through nearby leaves and branches that serve as pathways to your home. Pruning trees and bushes around your house’s exterior will help prevent termites in your home.

3. Use Rubber Mulch to Prevent Termites in Your Home

Mulch is great for your plants, however, termites also love mulch. Spreading mulch near and against your home’s foundation will attract termites to your home. Place mulch away from your home or opt for a non-wood based option if placing near the house. Home improvement retailers sell rubber mulch. Since rubber mulch is not a food source for termites, using it instead of wood can help prevent termites in your home.

4. Remove Termite Water Sources

Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis and fixing any leaks both inside and outside can prevent termites in your home. Controlling the humidity in your home also reduces the moisture that termites love.

5. Seal Cracks in Walls or Foundation

Termites will easily enter your home if you have cracks in your walls or your foundation. It’s important to be proactive about looking for any openings and sealing them off so that termites cannot enter your home.

With a little preventative action, you can minimize your risk for termite damage. If you are worried about termites in your home, be sure to consult with a professional as soon as possible.

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