Ready for Inspection?

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  • All utilities are on and available. All pilot lights, including fireplaces should be lighted.
  • The attic access is readily available and clear of all clothing or stored materials.(Entering the attic area is essential for a comprehensive inspection.)
  • Crawl space entrances are unlocked, unsecured and available for entrance. (access under the structure is essential for a comprehensive inspection.)
  • Water heaters are accessible and operating. (Many appliances require hot water for their operation.)
  • Sinks are clear of dishes; showers and bathtubs are clear of personal items.
  • Heating/Air Conditioning units are accessible and operating.
  • Built in appliances are free of stored items and are operating. (Thermostats and filters should be accessible.)
  • Electrical panels are easily accessible for cover removal and not locked or blocked. (Exterior boxes are sometimes locked and access is required. Interior panels are painted at times and removing the cover may damage the wall. Access to the interior of the panel is essential.)
  • All areas are accessible and not locked. (All rooms, closets and storage areas should be unlocked to ensure access by the inspector.)
  • Security systems should be off.
  • Pets should be secured in cages or removed from the property. (The inspector requires access all areas of the property. Inspectors are not responsible for pets that may escape through an open door or window.)
  • Receipts for recent repairs or improvements should be made available for the inspector.


Please feel free to contact Apollo Home Inspection prior to the inspection with any special concerns you may have.